Welcome to Township 28

Located in the Galloway Neighborhood of Springfield, Missouri, Township 28 is an active apartment community that embraces its surroundings' rich history and spirit. Named after Major Charles Galloway, this neighborhood has a story that spans over 200 years.

Today, we pay homage to our roots with architecture that tips its hat to the brownstones of yesteryear while offering all the modern conveniences. Whether you're looking for a studio or a spacious one-, two-, or three-bedroom home, we have something to fit your lifestyle.

Once a stand-alone town before becoming part of Springfield, Galloway was the place where neighbors trusted each other so much they would leave their keys in the car for others to borrow. Children freely roamed from house to house, filling the air with laughter as they came of age in Sequiota Park.

Our Bodega is a testament to this unique blend of history and modernity. It allows you to charge anything from pet toys to snacks to your favorite ice cream, reminiscent of when kids ran into local stores like Hesterlee Trading Post, Treadway's, and Birchler's, charging their treats to their parents' accounts. 

Join us at Township 28, where history and modernity blend seamlessly, creating a living experience unlike any other in Springfield.